Sustainability is Compassion

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ABN AMRO UK colleagues have been involved in various voluntary projects at the St. Peter & St. James Hospice for over six years. They recently spent three days engaging in activities including a joint sustainability project.

Volunteering with purpose

Colleagues did gardening in the grounds of the St. Peter & St. James Hospice, planting a range of seeds to put around the communal areas and in the patients rooms. Volunteers finished off by building two raised flower beds with protective cages, to ensure the deer’s don’t strip the garden and eat the plants.  
Organisers of the projects, Barry Huggett-Robinson and Jodie Stainer at ABN AMRO co-run the Corporate Social Responsibility team in the UK.
Barry said: “ABN AMRO is committed to sustainability and this is our first project where we have worked together with the Hospice in pursuit of our shared values”.

The future is “well-grounded”

ABN AMRO UK will continue to supply seeds and plants to the Hospice so they can have a steady supply of flowers all year round.  The bank will also maintain the beds and look after the plants for years to come.

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