Warning about fraudulent investment offerings

News item -

We have been made aware that a clone firm "ABN AMRO Private Bank" is contacting consumers in the UK with investment promotions including an "ABN AMRO Fixed Rate Bond".

This appears to be a type of fraud known as a boiler room - designed to deceive individuals into investing their money in worthless, non-existent bonds. This clone firm is attempting to appear legitimate by using the name, address, logo and FCA registration number of ABN AMRO Bank NV.
However, the fraudsters are also using a phone number 0203 514 3879 and web domain - abnamro-uk.com - which are not owned by ABN AMRO.
We consider this scam a fraudulent misuse of our good name. "ABN AMRO Private Bank" has been reported to the Financial Conduct Authority for inclusion on its blacklist of unauthorized firms.
The Financial Conduct Authority has a useful webpage explaining how personal investors can avoid scams by checking whether an investment opportunity is being offered by a legitimate, authorized firm. 
ABN AMRO Bank NV, UK Branch, does not offer personal banking services in the UK. 

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