Financing Core Assets

ABN AMRO Lease is an international asset-based lender focused on financing the core assets at the heart of your business, through the provision of asset finance products including hire purchase, finance lease and operating lease. We believe that asset-based lending is the best way to finance business assets. Our aim is to become a long-term partner rather than merely funding a single transaction. We take the time to understand your business and plans for the future and present an offer that helps you achieve your ambitions.

Entrepreneurial Mentality, Asset Expertise

Our flat hierarchy and relatively small organisation ensure fast processing and decision-making. This also makes us more flexible and pragmatic.

Investment in a strong and effective asset management department ensures that our industry / asset knowledge supports the setting of strong equipment residual values and therefore competitive rental profiles and costs. Also, because we know the assets, we offer excellent opportunities for re-marketing. Indeed, we are one of the few lessors with both the appetite and capability to inject equity into equipment lease residual value positions in order to create real operating lease structures.

Partnership Approach

We recognise that you need to ensure that the liquidity of your business remains appropriate for the level of your business activity. You also need to be able to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the market. This calls for a partner who knows all about your industry, such as transportation, construction & material handling and plant & equipment. A partner who thinks and behaves in the same manner as you. Our aim is to achieve sustainable results, together, whilst remaining as easy to do business with as possible. That's what ABN AMRO Lease is all about.

For More Information

For further information please go to the ABN AMRO Lease website.