Financial Institutions

We have a market recognised UK Financial Services business in the UK which delivers value added coverage of clients supported by a wholesale banking product menu.  These products are domiciled both within the London office of ABN AMRO, and also centred nearby in our Amsterdam headquarters.  

Our Proven Capabilities in the UK FI Space Include:

  • Acquisition financing with a leading market position in the financing of consolidation in the closed life and retirement product space.  London is the centre for these transactions within the UK and also outbound from the UK.
  • An increasing UK bank and Challenger bank financing and capital markets franchise.
  • A London based fixed income distribution capability for asset management concerns in the London market.
  • A strong lending capability out of our London office in support of our FI business.
  • A strong securities finance business.
  • A clearing business (ABN AMRO Clearing) ranked among the top three clearers in every time zone, based on turnover and market share.

Our London based FI business is also supported by strong product competencies domiciled in Amsterdam: including debt and equity capital markets, M&A advisory and Research.