Dutch Desk Rates

Components of Overdraft Facility Interest Rate

Below you can find the most relevant base interest rates for the products offered by ABN AMRO for our corporate banking clients in the United Kingdom.

Facility Interest Rate for UK Overdrafts Date Rate
1 Month Fixed LIBOR 30-09-2018 0.72%
Market Surcharge 01-10-2018 0.25%

Explanation of the above rates:

Libor is the rate certified by the Bank as the rate at which it could borrow funds in the London Interbank Market at or around 11:00 am set on the penultimate day of each calendar month if it were to do so by asking for and then accepting interbank offers for Sterling deposits of an amount comparable to the Facility or Excess Facility for a one (1) month period. This rate would be the one-month fixed LIBOR rate used in calculation of the Facility Interest Rate with effect from the last day of each calendar month.

Market Surcharge
Market Surcharge means the percentage as published from time to time to reflect developments in the financial markets (consisting, without limitation, of the money market, capital markets and savings markets.) The Bank may change the Market Premium if it considers this is justified in relation to developments in the financial markets.